The Problem

Compromised Vision Where Clarity Matters Most

Picture a skilled watchmaker, working on delicate parts, but struggling with obscured vision. Surgeons face a similar challenge during laparoscopic and robotic surgeries when lens contamination occurs. This issue increases operative and anesthesia time, puts additional stress on surgeons, and heightens risk for patients—underscoring the vital importance of flawless visibility.

The Solution

Klens Focus on What Matters

Introducing Klens, our innovative solution that ensures uncompromised visibility during complex surgeries. By combining cutting-edge technology with unparalleled engineering, Klens delivers consistent, crystal-clear vision, empowering surgeons to perform at their best.
Precision Engineering: Reliably precise line2.svg
Optimized Optics: Visual clarity, perfected line2.svg
line2.svg Setting a New Standard: Changing the Game

Our Technology

Groundbreaking Innovation

GMT's cutting-edge technology minimizes unnecessary risks, makes operating in robotic and laparoscopic surgeries more seamless, and sets the stage for future AI capabilities and robotic platforms. Our robust IP portfolio, with over 20 filings, protects our unique technology, ensuring our innovations remain exclusive and secure, giving us a competitive edge in the industry.

Revolutionary Technology: Reimagining surgical vision line2.svg
line2.svg Robust IP Wall: +20 airtight filings, and counting
line2.svg High Compatibility: Integrates seamlessly

Our Team

The Minds Behind the Vision

A passionate fusion of experts and visionary leaders, united to revolutionize the future of surgery.

Dr. Ahmad Nabeel

Founder & CEO

Dr. Ahmad Nabeel, a physician-scientist and dynamic entrepreneur, is the visionary Founder and CEO of GMT. Celebrated as an ‘Innovator Under 35’ by MIT Tech Review, Nabeel’s trajectory from winning contestant to expert judge on ‘Stars of Science’ is a testimony for his wealth of expertise in healthcare and innovation. Pursuing his PhD in Surgical Vision and Robotic Surgery at Imperial College, his academic pursuit enriches his leadership at GMT. With Klens, GMT’s flagship product, Nabeel’s ambitious vision is to redefine surgical safety and efficiency on a global scale.

Dr. Salman Al-Sabah

Co-Founder & CMO

Dr. Salman Al-Sabah, renowned consultant surgeon and Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of GMT, steers the company’s medical and strategic trajectories with his vast expertise. His talent is amplified by American and Canadian board certifications, a Harvard master’s degree, and over 200 peer-reviewed publications under his belt. As a professor at Kuwait University, his academic insight enhances our vision and product development. Dr. Salman is instrumental in GMT’s quest to revolutionize surgical safety and efficiency globally with Klens.

Joe Gordon


Joe Gordon, Veranex's Vice President of Innovation, has always been at the crossroads of human touch and cutting-edge tech. Starting as the Director of Technical Innovation, Joe's journey has been about reimagining healthcare – from the design of devices to the nuances of their application. With more than two decades under his belt, he has shaped innovations across fields like robotics, audiology, and endoscopy. Today, with over 50 patents to his name, Joe continues to help us shape the future with Klens, reminding us that in innovation, it's the blend of humanity and technology that makes all the difference.

Nadeem Schwen

General Counsel

Nadeem Schwen, GMT’s seasoned General Counsel, brings a wealth of expertise in law and technology. His diverse experience in data privacy, cybersecurity, intellectual property, and patent law provides a comprehensive legal shield for GMT’s operations. His background in computer engineering enhances his ability to understand and protect GMT’s innovative technology. Nadeem has been pivotal in securing our extensive patent portfolio and safeguarding GMT’s leading position in the surgical technology market through robust IP assets.

Media Features

In the Spotlight

Advisory Board

Guided by Industry Pioneers and World-Renowned Experts

Expertise from top surgeons, roboticists, AI specialists, and clinicians, shaping our innovative approach.

Dr. Hutan Ashrafian

Chief Scientific Officer / Flagship Pioneering

Hutan Ashrafian, a world-renowned surgeon and scientist with over 500 peer-reviewed papers, sits on the advisory board of GMT, enriching Klens’ development with invaluable insights. His wide-ranging expertise and impactful work in tackling global health challenges, such as obesity and cancer, place him at the forefront of health innovation. Leveraging his notable experience with AI applications in medicine and his prestigious past roles, including Chief Scientific Adviser at Imperial College London, he aids GMT in embodying the pinnacle of surgical safety with Klens

Dr. Ali Aminian

Director of the Bariatric Institute / Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Ali Aminian, a renowned surgeon and Director of Cleveland Clinic’s Bariatric and Metabolic Institute, strengthens GMT’s advisory board with his deep expertise in laparoscopic and robotic surgery. As a key opinion leader, his clinical expertise and leadership role in one of the world's best hospitals is pivotal in guiding some of the intricate decisions we make at GMT.

Dr. Abdullah Zarroug

Chief Pediatric Surgeon / Children's Hospital and Medical Center

Dr. Abdalla Zarroug, an esteemed Pediatric Surgeon at Children's Hospital and Medical Center, and Professor of Surgery at UNMC, carries his profound surgical expertise to GMT's advisory board. Having served 14 years in the Division of Pediatric Surgery at Mayo Clinic, his specialty in minimally invasive thoracic surgery, robotic surgery, and adolescent bariatric surgery, is invaluable for Klens' development. A pioneer in adopting new technologies and fostering educational opportunities, Dr. Zarroug's contributions are paramount in pushing GMT's vision.


Endorsed by Surgical Experts

Compromised vision can prolong the surgery and increase the stress level on surgeons, ultimately impacting patient safety negatively. Klens can set a new standard for minimally invasive surgery by ensuring clear uninterrupted visualization of the surgical field.

Dr. Philip Schauer , Surgeon

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